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Evangelism Leadership Team Report

Evangelism Leadership Team Report

Newcomers: Patricia Lewis

The Newcomers mission to “seek and to serve” is our purpose in the long range planning to not only support St. Matthew’s mission, but the Vision for the three-year plan.

Each Sunday, newcomers are invited to attend the coffee time in the parish hall, but the last Sunday of the month, they are invited to attend coffee/questions in the Library with clergy, vestry representatives and members of St. Matthews. We continue to receive those interested in the local community.

Habitat For Humanity: Boyd Brown

On November 1, 2008 a Saturday work-day is scheduled for Habitat for Humanity for St. Matthew’s volunteers.
There are no plans for St. Matthew’s to sponsor an Apostles Build House this year, since last year’s project was pushed into January, and funds are more limited this year.

Pregnancy Resource Center of Metro Richmond: Marianne Micks

PRC is located at 1410 Willow Lawn Drive.

Mission Statement: The PRC is committed to providing compassionate care to women unprepared for pregnancy by offering resources and practical assistance for life affirming choices. To achieve its mission, the PRC has the following foals:

1. Encourage, equip, and partner with the local body of Christ to promote sexual integrity and the value of human life to positively influence the spiritual and moral behavior of our community.
2. Provide alternatives to abortion which affirm the lives of women and their pre-born babies.
3. Help those seeking forgiveness, healing, and recovery following an abortion.
4. Share the love of Jesus in word and deed.

The Pregnancy Resource Center held their annual Walk for Life on May 10, 2008.

There are several opportunities coming up in which our congregation can participate, both in learning and giving:

* There will be a “We Care” dessert on October 16, 2008 at Mount Vernon Baptist Church at 7:30pm. The speaker will be author Gary Thomas.

* Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is January 25, 2009.

* A benefit concert will be held at St. Michael Catholic Church featuring “swing” music on February 20, 2009.

* The date for the Walk for Life has been changed to Saturday April 25, 2009.

* Volunteer training is on-going.

* The Titus 2 Project is a new initiative to mobilize area churches to train their members to reach into the community to reduce teen pregnancy and the number of abortions in Metro Richmond.

* Holding a Baby Bottle campaigns or a Baby Shower to benefit the PRC.

* There is a new donor web site:friendsofcpcrichmond.com.

CARITAS: Glen Knowles

St. Matthew’s will partner with Boulevard United Methodist Church to host a week of CARITAS the week of January 31st to February 6, 2009. I want to reinforce my challenge to the vestry to adopt one evening of the week, and provide the services of preparing and serving meals, and providing overnight hosts.

We will begin recruiting volunteers in December, 2008. I intend to follow the same format that Jim Schue has been doing for years, signing up individual volunteers and requesting groups within St. Matthew’s to sign up.

Lastly, I am quite thankful that the Annual Golf Tournament Committee chose CARITAS as the benefactor of this year’s tournament, and look forward to a great time on October 3rd. Several members of CARITAS will be joining us for the festivities.

Angel Tree: Kate Hillestad

Plans are underway for the 2008 Angel Tree season. We have requested the names of 100 children to support on behalf of their incarcerated parent. Once again we will be working with Northside Outreach Center and Butch to set up a social event at which the families can collect their gifts, and have some fellowship time with St.Matthew’s NOC staff.

As always, the purpose of involving NOC in our plans is so that Angel Tree families can be introduced to a common faith that operates within their own community. NOC is well known in the area which has many advantages. Also children have become involved with Bible studies and faith based programs with NOC as a result of our partnership.

The names of children are expected to be received by the end of October. The mailings for the families should go shortly afterward. The gift requests should be available the second week of November and due back to St.Matthew’s the first week of December. While the details of the social event remain undefined at this time, my goal is to set up a morning social during the second weekend of December. I am waiting confirmation that we can hold our event at the Village Community Center. This purposed time/venue is intended also to avoid conflicts with other events during the season.

Please note that I will be announcing the need of volunteers for the many phases of this project in future editions of the Week Link. If someone is available to co-chair please let me know as I think there should be someone else with me familiar with this program.

Greeters Guild: Dallas Reid

The objective of the Greeters Guild continues to be having two Greeters every Sunday to greet members and visitors to St. Matthew’s. Experience has shown that having a pool of 22 Greeters on the roll works best for fulfilling the needs of Greeters for St. Matthew’s. At the present time, we are down to having only 20 greeters available. Volunteers to make up the difference of 2 people would be both welcome and appreciated.

Parish Life: Lee Pemberton

Chairperson: Rotates
Committee: Paula Butz, Kate Hillestad, Lee Pemberton, Jean Ray, and Margaret Vachet

During the current quarter the Parish Life Committee has continued to meet on a monthly basis. We reviewed our brief history and the current goals of the Long Range Plan. The committee then revisited all of it’s activities for the past two years and individually gave a rating of Effectiveness (0 - 5 with 5 being the highest) to help direct our focus for current and future planning. We revisited our overall purpose: “To promote intergenerational fellowship through a variety of activities in order to draw everyone together more.”

Activities conducted during this quarter included:

* Scheduled and assisted with 6 sessions for Olan Mills Studios in preparation for the
2009 Church Directory.
* Conducted “BINGO NIGHT” on May 30th.
* Conducted “TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME NIGHT” at the Diamond on June 30th to watch the Richmond Braves vs. the Tidewater Tides baseball game.
* Held sign-up sessions for the 2008 - 2009 Supper Club.
* Collected and mailed birthday gifts and cards for Jason and McKenzie Rogers in Ethiopia.
* Scheduled 2008 - 2009 Supper Club Calendar and carried out the September and October dinners.
* Created and distributed PLC’S monthly publication, “ST MATT’S CHAT” for September and October.
* Scheduled and carried out a bus trip to the 2008 Richmond Symphony Designer House.
* Assisted with the Annual St. Matthew’s Golf Tournament.

Activities planned for the remainder of the year include:
* Scheduled and planned the Annual “Family Gathering” in December for December 22.

Members of the Parish Life Committee appreciate the support and participation of our clergy and staff as well as members of the congregation. We also request feedback and suggestions for future planning and additional members on our committee.